Achaiki Diachiristiki offers you the best cleaning services for any type of space if you wish. From your office to the industry, Achaiki Diachiristiki offers the solution!


Proper and thorough cleaning of an office requires well-trained staff and the use of appropriate equipment. The professional cleaning crews of Achaiki Diachiristiki uses materials and flat cleaning systems from microfibers, which can remove even the smallest dust grains, while applying color code. As a result, the transmission of the infection is prevented, while complete and in-depth cleaning is achieved. Choose the specialized cleaning crews of the Achaiki Diachiristiki, for guaranteed results and perfect hygiene.


We undertake responsibly and efficiently the cleaning of building facades, with the use of modern ultra-high pressure water machines and a crane truck. We clean the facade of your building from exhaust fumes, bird droppings and all persistent pollutants, restoring it immediately and, most importantly, economically to its original form. We also undertake the cleaning of sidewalks and parking lots.


The cleaning of newly built or recently renovated buildings, after the initial construction or reconstruction work, is extremely demanding. Achaiki Diachiristiki undertakes to complete the initial cleaning of buildings quickly and efficiently, thanks to its specialized staff and modern equipment. Contact us to inform you for free about the solutions we can give you regarding the initial cleaning of buildings.


We undertake the cleaning of apartments, newly built or recently renovated, with the use of materials and cleaners certified and completely friendly to humans and the environment. With absolute respect for your space and great care, we deliver your apartment very clean and ready to live. Trust Achaiki Diachiristiki and enjoy absolute cleanliness and hygiene in your space.


We undertake with absolute responsibility the cleaning of apartment buildings and common areas. We apply the system that best suits your needs, while we use only certified cleaning products and trained staff. Responsible and reliable cleaning for absolute hygiene in your apartment building!


Special conditions prevail in industrial production areas, so their cleaning should be entrusted exclusively to specialists. Achaiki Diachiristiki has specialized workshops, suitable machinery and certified chemical cleaners, for the even and efficient cleaning of large industrial areas.


Axhaiki Diachiristiki makes graffiti cleaning an easy task! If you want to see the facade of your building free from all kinds of paints and sprays, we have the solution. We have special and super effective anti-graffiti cleaners and we apply methods and techniques that remove paints and all kinds of graffiti residues from every surface.


Proper cleaning of photovoltaic installations ensures their perfect and smooth operation. Rainwater, bird droppings, and air pollutants cover the surface of the panels, reducing the efficiency of the collectors. Indicatively, according to international studies, the consistently clean surface of photovoltaic panels increases energy production by up to 15%, while proper cleaning is the best method of maintaining them. The specialized cleaning crews of the Achaiki Diachiristiki undertake responsible and reliable cleaning of the photovoltaic panels, so that they always work flawlessly.



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